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Thrive Couple & Family Counseling Services
You love them fiercely, so why is it you end up arguing and feeling disconnected instead of happy and in love? We help couples and individuals get out of the negative cycles, learn to communicate in ways that create closeness, and find deep and meaningful connection with their loved ones […]
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Stephanie Villasenor
Sometimes in life, we are confronted by hurdles that seem difficult to overcome on our own. Let's do this together at a safe pace. I aim to build a strong bond between clients and myself. This sets the precedence for the rest of the treatment process. I utilize elements from different app […]
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Christine Kelly MacInnis
MA, MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Finding yourself stuck in negative patterns that no longer serve you? Crippling anxiety leaving you unable to enjoy life or make good decisions for your future? Struggling with gender dysphoria or confusion and not sure anyone would understand? Well I do get all of those life issue and mo […]
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Vicki Padilla
M.A., LPC Intern Supervised by Jill Praisner M.A., LPC-S
Seeking a therapist can stir up all sorts of questions. "Will this person understand what I have going on in my life?" "Will I connect and trust this person with the events of my life?" "Will I feel safe to reveal some of the emotions that I am feeling?" "Is this person a good fit for […]
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Ashleigh Edelstein
You’re seeking help because you’re smart, motivated, yet you feel insecure or ambivalent in your relationships. You feel guilty or ashamed, stuck in the same thought spiral day-in and day-out. You’re tired of feeling judged, most of all by yourself. There’s a little voice in your head th […]
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Carl Grody, LISW-S
Grody Online Family Counseling
Life is about patterns. You do the same things repeatedly because they help you function in your daily life without needing to concentrate on every little thing you do. That helps you in many ways, but it can also push you and your family apart. Without knowing how you got there, you migh […]
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Jinji Willingham
M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor
Is worry, despair, or reactivity challenging your emotional well-being, your relationships, work or school? If current stressors or lingering distress leaves you feeling disheartened, fatigued, or overwhelmed, you’re not alone! We’re all somewhere on this spectrum, & together we can c […]
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Melissa Williams, MA, LMHC
M.A. Licensed Mental Health Counselor
To accommodate busy schedules, I offer online counseling and in-person counseling. I can work online with any resident in Florida. Being human is hard. Life with all it's twist and turns can be so confusing, what's right today is wrong tomorrow. Quite possibly you have been thinking about […]
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Georgi Chizk
Hi, I'm Georgi. I'm a relationship specialist, marriage counselor, family therapist and premarital counselor with diverse experience in helping couples repair their strong bond and create strong, happy and healthy families. If your relationship has been feeling hard I can help you improve […]
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Shameela Keshavjee
MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (and Supervisor)
Are your relationships suffering? Are you having trouble making decisions? Is stress getting the best of you? When life feels overwhelming, it can be hard to find the strength to move forward. Therapy can provide you an opportunity to slow down and take stock of your situation. Together, […]
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