Christine Kelly MacInnis

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Christine Kelly MacInnis
MA, MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Christine Kelly MacInnis
MA, MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Finding yourself stuck in negative patterns that no longer serve you? Crippling anxiety leaving you unable to enjoy life or make good decisions for your future? Struggling with gender dysphoria or confusion and not sure anyone would understand? Well I do get all of those life issue and more. I am here to help you navigate, share resources and give you the tools to take charge of your life once again. I can help free you from the anxiety that is holding you back in a safe, directive, strength based based way. In terms of supporting my gender expansive clients, I can provide transition assistance and move you from gender dysphoria to gender euphoria in ways that are tailored to you and your specific experience. I love navigating that journey with teens through older adults and their families.

Christine Kelly MacInnis
Per Session Fee Range for Self Pay Clients
$100 - $175
Additional Fee Information

I offer sliding scale on a case by case basis related to income. I will provide super bills for out of network benefits.

Serving Clients In:
Interaction Methods
Phone Video In-Person
Typical Session Times
Weekday Mornings, Weekday Evenings, Weekend Mornings
Office Location
22750 Hawthorne Blvd suite 204 , Torrance, CA 90505
Individuals, Couples, Families
ADHD, Anxiety, Child or Adolescent, Depression, Family Conflict, Grief, Life Coaching, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Transgender, Trauma and PTSD
Client Age Groups
Adolescents, Adults, Elders (65+)
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    Christine Kelly MacInnis